februar 2010


Mona Lisa

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Vårstart mandag!

Hei alle sammen!
We know you have been waiting such a long time for dance classes to start.  As we need to work with DRIV we can’t work around them…lol.  The Nordlys festival has stolen our normal times because they had the ‘dosh’ to do so.  But anyways… we are starting tomorrow night!  Whoo hoo!
This semester we are concentrating on dances for the No Siesta Fiesta festival – meaning the dances that we are teaching, you will be able to dance at the fest.  The fest will certainly have a Samba band, a Bossa band, a Cumbia band and a Salsa band. Read more »

Student Filming on Monday

Wanna be famous?
On our first dance night (feb 8. in case you were wondering) we have three German film students coming to class to shoot us (with a camera…lol) for a ‘non-verbal’ documentary they are making about Tromsø.  I’m sure they won’t be too intrusive and you might need to sign release forms.  But this is a great opportunity for us to publicise the club internationally .
If you are particularly film-shy just dance behind the camera .  I’m sure we will be able to see the film when finished too.

Latino Party (bli-kjent-fest )

...det er vel på tide at vi blir kjent!!! Lørdag 13. februar 2010 arrangerer Salsademika "Bli Kjent Fest" for sine nye og gamle elever. Alle er hjertelig velkommen. Festen blir nybegynnervennlig, men også fin for erfarne dansere. Festens dresskode: elegant
Dato: lørdag 13. februar 2010. kl 21.00. 03.00
Inngang: 30 kr. Overskudd fra festen vil gå til anskafelse av nytt dansegulv.
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Salsa On2 Basic Timing

Hey everyone!
Ok – Here is a very quick instructional video of Salsa On2 below. Now, in class, we have learnt the basic movements but next week we will be learning the special Salsa/Mambo On2 timing. Even though we have been starting ‘on 2′ the timing really comes from which step is being held. On1 holds in the middle of the basic step (as we have been doing at the moment in class) but On2 holds on the ‘back’ of a rock-step. This makes the On2/NY Salsa more rhythmical. So… have a look at the timing and see if you can pic it up before class . Read more »

Timeplan helgekurs

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Nå er tiden endelig inne for helgekursene med Reynold. Her er en timeplan for alle kursene, inkludert rueda:

Fredag (i kveld)

20:30 - 22:15 Casino


11:00 - 12:00 Rumba for menn og kvinner
12:15 - 13:15 Grunnkurs salsa
13:30 - 14:30 Salsa Cool Moves
16:00 - 17:45 Casino


12:00 - 13:00 Salsa Cool Moves (øvet)
13:00 - 14:00 Body Expression - Afro Cuban

Alle kursene blir på salsademikas studio (ved siden av lånekassa). Read more »

Latino Fest

Latino Fest!!!
Vi gjentar oss selv! Latino fest vi hadde i februar var en kjempe-suksess. Salsademika ønsker å gjenta suksessen med en ny Latino Fest 6. mars 2007. Dette er et åpent arrangement hvor alle er hjertelige velkommen.
Dato: lørdag 6. mars 2010. kl 21.00. 03.00
Inngang: 30 kr.
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To dansestudio; dobbel danseglede

Det er med stor glede å melde at Salsademika danseskole har fått en dansestudio til. Dvs at vi har to (2) store dansestudio og dermed kan kjøre flere kurs samtidig. For oss er det nok en drøm som går i oppfyllelse.
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Salsa On2 2nd pos. step

Hei everyone! Read more »

Bli medlem/Become a Member!

Hei, alle sammen!
Have you noticed our sidebar lately? We have a new addition: Bli medlem/Become a Member!
It will tell you all the information you need to know to become a member of danseklubben. However, if you are not a past or present student or employee of UiT, no worries! Each dance night is only kr50,-!

Preparing for No Siesta Fiesta

Hi alle sammen!
Thank you to those who signed up to be a part of the Samba parade.
The festival program comes out this Wednesday at www.nosiestafiesta.no . They also have a printed newspaper that you will find in different cafes around town.
Remember next week, Monday 1st March, we have a very special class. At 19:30 we have some drum percussionists coming to play for us. The guys are going to learn to play the rhythms and the girls will practise the Brazilian Samba. We will also practise the couple Samba too. Read more »

Monday – Percussion Tuition and Samba prac

Hei, alle sammen,
This next class we have some percussionists coming to play the parade Samba rhythm for us. The guys will learn the rhythm to play for the parade and the girls will practise dancing the Samba. This first hour of practise is specifically for the Samba parade on the 13th March.
In the second hour we will revise Salsa.
Remember, the week after we are hosting at Salsademika with Bossa Nova and Bolero for the festival. There will be other free dance classes by other dance studios during the parade week so make sure you check out the fest program. Read more »