mars 2010


Dip til Oppvisning 13.03.10 (dip nummer 2 på videoen)

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Free Fest Tix for Volunteers!

No Siesta Fiesta is looking for festival volunteers. They need hard working, dedicated, smart and strong volunteers to help out with get-ins/outs, door attendants and general fest duties. Of course you will be rewarded for your work – the more work you put in the more free tickets to concerts etc you will get out of it. Read more »

Bossa Nova and Bolero tonight

Hi guys!
This is just a reminder that the dance night is at Salsademika with Bossa Nova at 18:00 and Bolero at 21:30. We have already practised a little Bossa Nova in class but you will be able to learn so much more tonight. The Bolero is basically a new dance but is from the ‘rumba’ dance group. I know it’s a late night (with a 2 hour break) but we can’t help that so maybe we can all go to a cafe and wait it out. (I will need to leave to pick up some costumes).
See you tonight!
NOTE: These classes are held at Salsademika. The address is Søndre Tollbodgt. 7

Samba Parade 2010 details

Hei alle sammen!
Ok – firstly, sorry about the dance courses on Monday. My plane got diverted to Andenes because it was too windy to land in Tromsø. After that little adventure we got back home at midnight. So sorry to everyone, but I heard it was a good night. Nik, the teacher, was a trooper! And thanks to Maria for jumping in.
Ok – Samba Parade. These are the times and actions: Read more »

Nytt dansegulv


Cancelled! – Salsa Tonight & Easter Holidays

Heya – sorry to do this but tonight has been cancelled because DRIV is over booked and has no space for us. So, I guess we will see you all after Easter. Have a great holiday and we hope the Easter Bunny* will bring you lots of chocolate this year. (The *’Easter Chicken’ if you are Norwegian )
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –
Thank you to all the people who worked on the festival and joined the parade. I hope you had a Hot Hot Hot time! Read more »

Hip hop / Pilates i Tromsø med gjesteinstruktør fra New York

Dister Rondon fra New York  og Sandra Gerecke holder workshop i Hiphop og Pilates den 29.-30. mars 2010 Tromsø .
Klasser Mandag 29/317-18 Hip hop barn (7-12 år)-Sandra18-19 Pilates åpent nivå- Sandra19-20 Hip hop begynner- Dister20-21 Hip Hop åpent nivå -Dister
Tirsdag 30/03
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